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Nancy Erickson

Picture of Nancy Erickson

Nancy lives in a mountain canyon near Missoula, Montana with Ron, her partner of many years and with the deer, cougars, and bears who have lived in the canyon for centuries.  She has been making fabric constructions, quilts, paintings and drawings since the 1960’s .

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......“In mature, wise, and loving work Nancy Erickson invites us to embrace the color, light, physicality, and varieties of lived existence. She calls on us to imagine the otherness and dignity of non-human beings. She invites us to embrace and fully inhabit our place in the long, long history of mammalian life on earth.”
--Margaret Kingsland, Ph.D. consultant, critic and curator  

...”Dignity and beauty do not exist in the abstract. Dignity and beauty belong to individuals, and this is as true of nonhuman animals as it is of human beings. In Nancy Erickson ‘s work, each animal is honored as a unique individual with her or his own facial contours and expressions, body language, activity, ‘attitude’ “...
  --Deborah Slicer, Ph.D. ,M.F.A, associate professor of philosophy at The University of Montana where she teaches environmental ethics.


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